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What is Compounding?

Compounding is the ancient  art of making medicines from scratch.


A very long time ago, all pharmacies were compounding chemists. Doctors would prescribe a remedy which was a formula given for that patient and would be made up by the pharmacist using raw active ingredients. 

Despite advances in the pharmaceutical industry and medicine today, the one size fits all approach still falls short of meeting the individual specific needs of many patients. As such, specialised compounding chemists using modern technology are able to fill this gap.

Call our Caringbah Compounding Chemist on (02) 9531 2500 today to find out more information.

Custom Made


  • Preservative free medication

  • Lactose & gluten free medication

  • Discontinued medication

  • Unavailable medication

  • Flavoured medication

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Quality Assurance

Our patients have absolute peace of mind when it comes to the quality of their custom made medicine.


Our quality assurance procedures include:

  • Chemicals obtained from approved TGA suppliers that comply with USP/BP specifications 

  • Compounded medication prepared by highly skilled pharmacists and technicians

  • State of the art equipment that is regularly maintained and tested

  • Formulas tested and obtained from reputable references 

  • Independent testing of compounded medicines

What We

Specialise In

  • Children's suspensions + Flavouring of medicines

  • Hormone replacement therapy (Bio-Identical)

  • Skincare + Anti-ageing

  • Men's/Women's health

  • Travel sickness

  • Pain treatment

  • Sleep health

  • Pet care

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